Unlocking personalised email

    Raising CPM to unprecedented levels

    Put more into email, to get more out of email

    • Email marketing has taken the world by storm, but as volumes grew conversion rates dropped and so did CPMs.
    • Dynamic email technologies introduced only recently aided in increasing the relevance of content, the percentage of conversion rates and the CPM pricing.
    • Introducing the patented Smartpix individualised dynamic email technology: Smartpix helps to unlock a whole new class of value add in individualised emails, with CPMs never experienced before!

    Endless applications, limited only by your imagination

    Turn the email into an individualized mini website

    • Typically consumers save important emails containing information about a transaction they made (e.g. shopping receipt) or a process they initiated for future reference (e.g. travel bookings).
    • In the past, when they needed an update they would revisit this email to get the reference info and call your customer support and start searching on the company website.
    • Why the hassel, why not update your customers on the status right then, right there? Make it simple and add a lot more value in the process with Smartpix!

    See what is possible with the Smartpix technology

    Happier end users, lower cost of service

    Improved customer satisfaction with lower cost of service for your customers

    • Smartpix technology helps to lift the user experience with emails to a new, much higher level.
    • Users appreciate these enriched email features, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
    • And you won't believe how quickly users get used to it and start to expect it from their companies of choice!
    • The real time information provided in Smartpix Email has shown to reduce inbound calls and customer support emails - immediately lowering your cost of service while freeing up scarce customer care capacity.


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