Smartpix: real-time and personalised email

It's like a candy shop for email marketing

Travel tickets reloaded

Sell a journey

  • Your customer has booked a flight. You send him his reservation confirmation by email.
  • 24h before the flight your customer opens this email again and sees an "Online check-in" button. One click and he is on your website.
  • A few hours before the flight, he checks his email and sees that the flight is expected to be on-time and departs at gate 32.
  • A few hours later, his partner who he forwarded the email to, sees that the plane has safely landed.
  • Smartpix - have a safe journey!

Status Trackers

Reduce inbound calls

  • Don't disturb your customer with constant status emails. Give him something that he can look up on a need-to-know basis.
  • With Smartpix personal and dynamic email the delivery or processing status is silently updated in the only email that you sent to confirm the transaction.
  • This reduces inbound calls because of static outdated email content.
  • But it doesn't stop here: After completion of the order you can suggest further add-on products just when the client is very happy with his new product and open for suggestions. Sell more - all in one email!

Code distribution

Replace snail mail

  • Your client has forgotten his PIN code and normally you would send him a postal letter which is expensive and takes a few days.
  • Why not use magic ink with Smartpix technology?
  • Following an online request the new PIN code is being sent to your customer online to his registered email address.
  • Ten minutes after opening the email, the code in the email disappears.
  • Secure and fast with Smartpix dynamic and personalised email!

Email marketing

No out-of-stock offers

  • Do you know when your customer opens his email with your latest product offerings?
  • Your product may already be out of stock or not available in his size anyway anymore.
  • Frustrated calls to your customer center and an unhappy customer may not be what you had in mind when you started your campaign!
  • With Smartpix the email offer is tailor-made to your customer in the moments when he opens and reads your current promotion articles.
  • Prevent selling "no" and replace an offer if it is out-of-stock with an available one which is in line with your customer's shopping history.

Social network

Use the force

  • Smartpix emails can be integrated easily with social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others.
  • Integrate real-time your most recent facebook posts, real-time click or "Like" counters.

Ballot papers

Vote by email

  • Invite your customers or members to participate by casting their vote on an important decision.
  • Usable only after a verification of email addresses, a vote by email can only be cast once and the email will change once the email recipient has made his decision to show interim results or the final result of the vote.
  • Ensure single use only and update your email with relevant information after the vote.


Track shopping carts

  • Maybe your customer isn't quite sure yet about his intended purchase.
  • Add a dynamic tracker in an email to your customer and show him the actual status (availability, price) of his shopping cart in the email.
  • And the moment your customer has decided to buy, it only takes one click from his inbox to the check-out page in your online shop.
  • SmartCard - a Smartpix solution for more happy customers.

Device customisation

Make it personal

  • With Smartpix your email knows on which device it is being read and will adapt its layout and even content to provide a flawless marketing message.
  • If your email is being read on an iPhone you can include a direct link to the App Store, if the recipient has an Android phone, it takes him to the Android Market.

Dashboard in inbox

Show instant overview

  • Bring your website to the customer in the email application!
  • No more jumping to the browser application and entering log-in details.
  • With Smartpix dynamic and personalised email you can provide a full up-to-date dashboard with balance, credits, limits, transactions and so much more!
  • This reduces low value traffic to your website and provides room for varying marketing messages for cross or deep selling opportunities.
  • Make it easy for your customer to stay informed in a safe email environment.

Geolocation and more

Catch the mood

  • A nation-wide retailer is planning a sales campaign across the country with great rebates for his loyal customers.
  • Wouldn't it be nice to target an email like this: "Hello Susan, what a sunny day in Chicago! Check out our spring sales in our department store only 3 miles away from you. Get a special discount of 15% on all merchandise if you present this message at the cash register within the next 24h."
  • Geolocation, contextual maps, countdown timers, time based offers and everything fully individualised for your customers - Smartpix makes it possible!


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