Get a Smartpix email in your inbox in 3 steps

This is how it works

  • Define the business rules for each Smartpix in the email.

  • Generate Smartpix IDs and compile & send individualized emails.

  • Serve real-time Smartpix Emails containing individualized data and facilitate subsequent process steps with individualized landing pages.

Make or buy, it’s up to you

Different providers, different preferences. Some want to build, some want to buy

  • Smartpix as a service is available off-the-shelf by providers like Tripolis who have implemented the method already. So you can start today!

  • You can also choose to deploy the Smartpix method on your existing platform. Consulting firms like Innopay and development companies like Maxcode can assist you on a global scale.

  • So make your choice and unlock personalised Smartpix email 3.0!

Technical Features

Simple and reliable

  • Works in all email software (that support HTML): both client and web-based.
  • Real time rendering: every image is generated in real time on view of email. No image management on server
  • Data(base) record driven: personalized images, with personalized data.
  • Deliverability: as it is an image and no scripting is included, deliverability does not suffer

Frequently asked questions

Smartpix explained

I am an Email Service provider. How can I offer Smartpix to my customers?

Smartpix is a real break-through in terms of value add for every company using email as a marketing or transaction tool. Depending on the specific real-time email application, you will need a Smartpix enhancement for your email platform and if desired a link into your client's shop of CRM system. This will allow you to take full advantage of the ingenious Smartpix universe of possibilities.

Is the Smartpix technology patented?

Yes. The Smartpix technology is protected by a granted United States patent.

Do you provide support for the implementation of Smartpix?

Through our partner network, we can provide support for the smooth and efficient implementation of the Smartpix technology. There is even a software suite available for quick integration. Please contact us for further details.

I am a heavy user of email marketing myself. Will Smartpix handle the high load?

In our tests and in real live use we have not found any bottlenecks due to higher server loads. As each image is only rendered when the recipient opens his email, the server load is nicely spread and doesn't peak at the time when you send out the email.


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