Licencing of Smartpix

You will never look back

Smartpix is a patented business method and technology open for licensing. Munich Innovation is the worldwide and exclusive marketing partner and your contact for any licensing questions.

We offer multiple licensing models to accommodate the multitude of applications.

If you would like to learn more about the smartpix technology licensing and how you can integrate it into your email marketing campaign portfolio, please contact Wolfgang Maennel at Munich Innovation Group.

Intellectual Property Rights

United States

The Smartpix technology is protected by the following international patent family:

  • US 7,783,709 (United States Patent; filing date: July 8, 2005): E-mail with visual object method and apparatus
  • WO 2007/032676 (PCT application; filing date: July 10, 2006; priority date: July 8, 2005): E-mail with visual object method and apparatus

Technical Support

Implementation for Smartpix and Support

Through our partner network, we can provide support for the smooth and efficient implementation of the Smartpix technology. Please contact us for further details.

Munich Innovation Group GmbH
von-der-Tann-Strasse 12
80539 Munich
Wolfgang Maennel


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